Getting Started

msgh-summer-concert-showing-violins2Now enrolling new violin and viola, traditional and Suzuki Method students (ages 3+). Here’s how to get started…

On Your Marks: Learn

  1. Read about private violin studio policies and tuition rates
  2. Contact Ms. Hale to schedule an observation/sample lesson.
  • Each prospective Suzuki Method parent/guardian is required to read Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki before beginning lessons.

Get Set: Prepare

  1. Complete the registration form provided after your observation lesson. Submit the form, the first month’s tuition and $25 registration fee by your first lesson.
  2. Obtain a properly sized instrument, shoulder rest, notebook and music books, as indicated by your teacher.
  • The youngest Suzuki beginners (3-5) skip this step at first, and will receive a Suzuki Twinkler Starter Kit at their first lesson containing all necessary supplies, including “box violin”. The parent/guardian may rent a full size violin and learn alongside their child in lessons. After the child learns respect for the instrument and many skills using the box violin, they “graduate” to using their very own “real violin”. The parent may trade in their full-size rental for the child’s size, or obtain their own instrument to continue.  

A “box violin” for the youngest Suzuki beginners. Upon graduating to their first real instrument, the student gets to unwrap the box violin and discover a present inside!

  • Instruments: Children outgrow both shoes and violins quickly! Learn how to find the correct size here. In most cases it is best to rent an instrument which can be traded in for the next largest size as your child grows. If there are multiple children in your family who will play violin, it may be more economical to buy outright. Quality instruments can be obtained easily through Shar Music and Johnson String InstrumentPLEASE AVOID PURCHASING INSTRUMENTS ON EBAY. They are often very poor quality and can make the learning process frustrating and unsatisfying.
  • Shoulder Rests: A simple piece of foam of the right height and density works fabulously for beginners, and can be purchased at the same location as your instrument or online. Make sure the shoulder rest you obtain is the correct size for your child’s instrument. Some are adjustable and can “grow” with your child as they move through instrument sizes.


In order to get a return on your musical investment, now it’s time to begin building the following habits…

  1. Attending weekly lessons
  2. Practicing daily at home (plus daily listening assignments for Suzuki students)
  3. Attending Suzuki group class
  4. Sharing your music with others in studio recitals and other informal performance opportunities throughout the year